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Cape Heritage trebles volume growth

Published:  23 November, 2012

South African wine brand Cape Heritage has made it in to the top 10 selling South African wines in the UK, with a volume growth of 198%, in less than a year after its launch.


Chile, Argentina and South Africa join forces for annual wine tasting

Published:  21 November, 2012

Three of the UK's most important generic bodies have ditched their individual tastings and instead have joined forces to offer a larger event in September 2013.


Southern hemisphere generic bodies team of for tasting

Published:  21 November, 2012

Generic bodies Wines of Argentina, Wines of Chile and Wines of South Africa have teamed up to launch a collaborative generic tasting for September 2013, The Beautiful South.


Origin Wine extends Fairtrade project

Published:  13 November, 2012

Origin Wine is launching a new Fairtrade project with South Africa's Brandvlei Cooperative in a bid to extend its range and benefit the local community.


Distell launches new sparkler in UK

Published:  06 November, 2012

Distell is hoping to cash in on consumer demand for lower-alcohol wines with its new sparkling white.



Harvest shortage: producers urged to rein in prices

Published:  02 November, 2012

Distributors are urging producers to be true to long-term partnerships and not be "too greedy" when it comes to putting prices up, as the impact of 2012's short harvest is felt.


UK to become expert resource centre for global wine supply

Published:  23 October, 2012

The UK is turning itself into a global centre of excellence for wine distribution and understanding as it loses its place as the world's most critical wine market.


Cape Winemakers Guild Auction achieves record takings

Published:  16 October, 2012

The 28th Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction has set record-breaking figures with the highest turnover and a complete sellout of all wines.


Jordan Wine Estate to help women enter wine industry

Published:  11 October, 2012

South Africa's Jordan Wine Estate has launched an initiative to help young women, both in the UK and at home, get into the wine industry.


Boosting wine tourism: Geoffrey Dean blogs from Cape Town

Published:  09 October, 2012

While the biennial Cape Wine trade fair in South Africa last month was another big success, a new exhibition that ran alongside it in the Cape Town Convention Centre enjoyed a sparkling debut. Vindaba, part of a long-term strategy to boost wine tourism, derives from the South African government's aim to gain promotion by 2020 to the travellers' Premier League - the top 20 global destinations.


South Africa all set to gain more share

Published:  05 October, 2012

South Africa is "very well positioned" to take market share from countries like Australia as it now claims to be able to supply quality wine at all price levels.


Geoffrey Dean blog: tasting highlights from Cape Wine

Published:  28 September, 2012

After a four rather than customary two-year gap on account of the football World Cup in South Africa in 2010, the Cape Wine trade fair returned to Cape Town this week. A huge number of interesting and high quality South African wines were available for tasting, in the presence of a phalanx of winemakers at the Cape Town Convention Centre. Harpers sampled scores of the wines, and here are some of the highlights, all of which should be available in the UK.



South Africa must not 'copycat' other wine regions

Published:  25 September, 2012

South Africa must not look to "copycat" other wine regions around the world, but follow its own path to grow, according to a leading US wine investor in the country.


Nelson Mandela's family unveil Fairtrade range

Published:  25 September, 2012

The daughter and grandaughter of former South African president, Nelson Mandela, are introducing a new Fairltrade wine range to the UK from South Africa.


Wineries need to build brand South Africa around world, says Accolade boss

Published:  25 September, 2012

South African wineries need to concentrate on building brand South Africa around the world if they are going to reach their full potential, according to Troy Christensen, chief executive of Accolade Wines.

TextSouth African wineries need to concentrate on building brand South Africa around the world if they are going to reach their full potential, according to Troy Christensen, chief executive of Accolade Wines.


Speaking at the opening session of Cape Wine 2012 in Cape Town, Christensen said he was happy to confirm Accolade was far more committed to the country than its previous owners, Constellation.

He conceded Constellation's priorities elsewhere in the world, particularly in the US, meant it could not have the same "passion" for South Africa that Accolade could now have.

Accolade, which has Flagstone as part of it South African portflio, is determined to play its part in building brand South Africa.

He said its challenge was not just in "investing in the quality of wine, but where it comes from".

Christensen said the "passion of the people and the beauty of the place" should be two driving factors in making consumers aware of South African wines. He used the examples of the enormous demand for Malbec and Moscato in the US to show how wine styles can become more important than where they are from.

Africa, he argued, has the potential to become the next economic powerhouse after China, hence why Accolade and so many other international wine conpanies were so keen to invest and have a strong footing in South Africa - its main wine market.  Africa has a great opportunity, he added, to be "a substantial driver of economic growth".

He said South Africa is well placed to benefit from growing demand from younger, better travelled wine drinkers in China who want to buy in to wine with a story and where it is from.


South Africa at forefront of environmental winemaking

Published:  25 September, 2012

South Africa is on track to be the world's leading wine country for its environmental, sustainable and ethical practices, according to Su Birch, chief executive of Wines of South Africa.


First South African wineries to show new ethical seal at Cape Wine

Published:  19 September, 2012

The first 26 wines to be receive the new, traceable ethical seal in South Africa will be on show at next week's Cape Wine trade exhibition in Cape Town.


First South African wines to carry 'ethical seal' announced

Published:  13 September, 2012

The first wines to carry South Africa's new, fully traceable, ethical seal that protects employers against unfair discrimination, are to be showcased at Cape Wine 2012.


South African wines growing at premium price points

Published:  09 August, 2012

South African wines are growing at more premium price points - those over £5 have grown 25% in last 12 months while the £7+ market has has grown 34%.


SITT Autumn announces exhibitor line-up

Published:  07 August, 2012

SITT Autumn, incorporating the Boutique Wineries Tasting, has announced the line-up of wineries, winemakers and exhibitors attending its tasting next month.