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Country is key to Northern Hemisphere wine: LIWF 2008

Published:  23 July, 2008

Wine Intelligence has announced that UK wine consumers regard country and region of origin to be more significant when it comes to Northern Hemisphere wines.

The finding was made as part of Wine Intelligence's Country of Origin and Wine Consumers' study commissioned by Brintex, looking at the attitudes of consumers in the UK and the US.

The study asked participants how important they felt country and region of origin were as a wine-choosing cue.

The results showed that consumers had a "strong" affinity with wines from Northern Hemisphere countries that they had visited as a tourist. The figures also revealed that consumers tended to drink wines from these countries more frequently.

When it came to Southern Hemisphere wines, however, wine tourism only had a "moderate" impact on consumers' affinity with wines and on the frequency of consumption.

But it was grape variety that was said to be the most important factor influencing wine purchases in both the UK and the US, recorded at 79% and 73% importance respectively.

Promotional offers was next in the order of importance to UK consumers, coming in at 65%. This was significantly higher than in the US, where promotional offers were recorded at only 51% importance.

Country of origin was of 60% importance to UK consumers, compared to the US where the factor was of only 47% importance. Region of origin was almost equally important to UK drinkers, coming in at 57% importance.