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The Drinks Trust partners with Equal Measures to deliver greater equality

Published:  01 November, 2021

The Drinks Trust is partnering with Equal Measures, an initiative to deliver greater opportunities for under-represented groups in the drinks industry.

Equal Measures was founded by Deano Moncrieffe, the co-owner of Hacha Bar, and aims to help enrich possibilities for those from Black, Asian, and other minority ethnicities, as well as those from other marginalised groups, such as queer and gender queer persons, those who are neurodivergent, or who face systemic barriers to their progression.

The organisation is built on creating new opportunities that lead to personal growth alongside education.

The partnership with The Drinks Trust will offer educational courses and mentoring to individuals, as well as supporting businesses to improve their internal practices.

Equal Measures already works with project partner Hannah Lanfear, founder of The Mixing Class, on mentoring and education.

Moncrieffe said that this “exciting partnership” with The Drinks Trust would support individuals, groups, communities and companies who understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and equality in the industry.

“Most importantly for me, The Drinks Trust understands just how much work still needs to be done to improve many areas of our industry and together we believe we can create positive long-lasting change,” Moncrieffe said.

“Since I founded Equal Measures, I always wanted it to progress and grow to be a support network for anyone who reaches out in need of help or guidance.”

Lanfear added that working with The Drinks Trust gives the organisation a “fantastic opportunity” to widen the scope and ability of the grass roots project, “generating positive change and an enduring sense of community, the country over.”

Ross Carter, CEO of The Drinks Trust, added: “We are excited to be launching the partnership with Equal Measures to deliver this ongoing initiative which will enable our industry to diversify, and to be more representative of the people it serves in order to benefit from the value that a more diverse workforce provides.”

He also called on all businesses to support this initiative through funding and participation.

In 2022 Equal Measures will expand to launch The Equal Measures Outreach Program in several cities within the UK, designed at bringing young people from marginalised communities into the cocktail and spirits trade.

Last month, The Drinks Trust unveiled the launch of a new vocational initiative called Develop, a scheme designed to lift people out of long-term hardship and help tackle the staff and skill shortage in the drinks hospitality sector.