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New interactive 'Instagram-able' bar ordering app launches

Published:  04 December, 2019

A new 'Instagram-able' interactive bar ordering app bridging the digital and physical worlds has been unveiled by Cambridge Consultants.

The ‘Beam’ app allows customers to order drinks on their phone from their table, with users only called to the bar when it’s their turn to be served.

Once at the bar, the phone becomes the centrepiece of a physical and digital experience that links the order on the phone to the drinks being served, with an interactive projection beaming a stream of bubbles onto the bar surface visually connecting the phone to the drinks as they are prepared.

This “unique, wow-factor experience” would turn the mundane act of ordering drinks into a truly memorable Instagram-able moment, said global product development and technology consultancy firm Cambridge Consultants.

“The innovation offers businesses real differentiation in a crowded market, with an engaging experience that goes well beyond the limitations of an ordering app.

“It effectively removes the time-consuming chore of taking payments while serving customers. The problem of who to serve next is neatly addressed, and staff are freed to engage with customers during the experience,” said Rosie Parrish, user experience designer at Cambridge Consultants.

The system also ‘sees’ the drink on the bar and changes the status of the order, spinning the projected drink name from the server’s point of view to the customer’s. Once all the drinks have been placed on the bar the bubbles burst, and the order is complete.

The app will be unveiled at Cambridge Consultants' Innovation Day 2019 tomorrow - an event showcasing future technologies. An officail launch date for commercial use it yet to be announced.