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Consorzio Doc delle Venezie introduces three-year suspension of new vineyards

Published:  30 July, 2019

Consorzio Doc delle Venezie has introduced a three-year suspension of new vineyards in a bid to achieve an “even higher quality and balanced market growth”.

The Consorzio said it would suspend the creation of new vineyards in the area that extends throughout the Province of Trento, the Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Veneto regions, with effect from 1st August 2019.

The move forms part of a project that was started by the Consorzio in 2017 with the aim of "improving and guaranteeing the quality of all Triveneto Pinot Grigio, constantly monitoring the denomination’s figures and trends and adapting to all possible market developments".

“Market stability, further quality improvement through yield reductions and growth management: these are the key words for the enhancement of Pinot Grigio DOC and it’s territory, a great heritage to defend and promote. This is the Consorzio’s main task to accomplish through its actions, which its carries out with consistency and clarity in the global markets where the DOC has a significant presence,” said the Consorzio.

The largest Pinot Grigio production area in the world - 42% of production comes from here –  Triveneto covers  over 26.000ha, which will increase to 30.000ha over the next few years taking into account new vineyards that have already been planted and will soon start to produce.

The Consorzio foresees placing around 270 million bottles of Pinot Grigio with the various Triveneto denominations on the market for the 2019 marketing year.

In March this year, the Consorzio embarked on the ‘second era of Italian style Pinot Grigio’ with the installation of its first elected board, headed up by re-elected president Albino Armani.

At the time it said a key focus going forward was the completion of the DOC approval process at the European level, and improvement of the control and management tools for production potential.

Other priorities included the development of promotional activities and maximizing the potential of the appellation, it added, with the re-election of Armani ratifying a “growth trajectory focused on continuity, to maximize the potential of a product and a region that still have a lot to say to consumers around the world”.