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Prosecco DOC anticipates ‘one of the best productions’ to date

Published:  29 August, 2018

The Tutelary Consortium for Prosecco DOC has announced it is anticipating one of the best productions to date for the Italian bubbles.

The positive harvest outlook follows the continued “near to perfect” conditions for the region, with president of the Consortium Stefano Zanette describing the conditions for all the grapes used in the Prosecco production as “perfect”.

The favourable weather had permitted not only the proper development of the grapes, but also the "optimal phytosanitary status", according to the Consortium.

“At the beginning of 2018, the unusually cold temperatures leftover from the previous year worried the 10,242 winegrowers that form part of the Consortium, but the the vegetative cycle of the vines has maintained these years’ average, allowing to overcome the difficulties due to the cold temperatures at the end of the winter that last year compromised a significant part of the production,” said Zanette.

Last weekend’s rain was the perfect addition, he added.

“The rain and the lower temperatures were exactly what we had been hoping for for days. The forecast for the upcoming harvest is optimistic, as colder nights and a wider difference in temperatures between day and night help augment the aroma and will enhance the quality of the grapes.”

If the conditions were maintained, it would mean “great flavour and the best acidic profile” within the 24,450 hectares of the Prosecco DOC region, said Zanette.

The harvest is poised to begin imminently with this year’s production available to UK consumers at the end of the year.