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Pubs keep up with coffee shops as consumers vote for top out of home activity

Published:  19 December, 2017

New research suggests going to the pub is one of the top out of home activity for consumers, marking hope for the struggling sector as it adapts to new trends.

Despite dwindling pubs numbers which declined by 2.1% in 2017, findings from Carlsberg’s out of home consumer report show consumers are just as a likely to visit a pub as a coffee shop, with 29% of consumers visiting both weekly.

When asked which activities they do every week, 93% consumers said they watch TV, while 72% said they cool a meal at home – opportunity, the report suggests, for operators to further draw consumers away from their sofas with movies or games nights in venues.

Going to the pub or a coffee shop ranked as the highest out of home activities for consumers, just above non-food shopping.

Competition for business remains fierce however, as the UK’s 161,000 pubs, restaurants and hotels vie to provide a credible “third space” between work and home.

The rising popularity of casual dining and food-led out of home visits offer the most opportunity, with wet-led pubs being encouraged to tap into these trends.

Pub growth is expected to come from managed, branded and franchised pubs the report predicts, where a “relaxed atmosphere with great food and ambience, authentic cuisine from around the world, healthier choices and the reassurance of the consistency [of] a branded outlet” will most likely equal success.

When choosing their favourite type of outlets to visit, consumers chose food pub most often, followed by casual restaurants, pubs and coffee shops.

Fast food outlets, fine dining, bars and wine bars appeared in the middle of the list followed by clubs such as social clubs, nightclubs and sports club at the bottom.