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Eight annual World Gin Day set to sweeps UK tomorrow

Published:  10 June, 2016

The eight annual World Gin Day, which is tomorrow 11 June, 2016, is set to host more than 70 different events around the globe.

"It is insane.  I took it over three years ago and the last few years have just been massively successful. Today we have over 70 major events that will be hosted around the world in celebration of World Gin Day,' said Emma Stokes, the head of World Gin Day.

Stokes believes that the approachability and inclusiveness of the gin is what has helped drive the category's recent boom and what has made World Gin Day so successful.

She said: "The great thing about World Gin Day is that consumers own the day.  The purpose of the day is to be open.  Gin is not exclusive but should be inclusive and we shouldn't be precious about it.  It is because gin includes everyone, there is massive appeal. It is fantastic when consumers come on board and embrace gin as a category and it becomes their category."

World Gin Day has grown so popular in other regions around the world she had to expand her team. She appointed a Australian brand ambassador as the country needed someone who could be on the ground there to help support events.

"I have appointed an Australian brand ambassador this month to help champion gin down in Australia. The cocktail scene in Oz is really popular at the moment and in Australia gin is growing in popularity at the fastest rate outside the UK. It just made sense to support that region and have someone on the ground and it is important for the quality of the events," said Stokes.

While Stokes thinks the gin category in the UK is becoming increasingly saturated, there will be room for different types of brands in the future.  

She said: "It is it saturated - it is getting there. But there will be two types of gin brands in the future I think.  There will be brands that focus on quality and have stood the test of time, even without having access to massive amounts of money to help promote their brands. Then there will be big gin brands that have the cash to launch aspirational brands and have the marketing budgets to build those brands."  

Despite the growth of the category, Stokes still see it as something consumers will continually look to explore. "I think people are still coming into gin.  They can still make it their own and that is the beauty of gin," said Stokes.

For a list of World Gin Day events across the UK click here.