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Kingsland rolls out new insight to help retailers segment the category better

Published:  27 March, 2015

Kingsland wine is rolling out a new insight 'tool' that is says gives a complete mapping of UK wine consumption.

The WinePRO (which has been trademarked by the company) is based on research conducted by Kingsland and The Insight Edge - builds on the existing Wine Intelligence portraits - to look at why and when consumers drink wine.

Marketing director Neil Anderson told there was a lot of good research talking about the consumers and what consumers drink, but Kingsland wanted to find out why people are drinking wine on any particularly occasion. "This tool will give more depth and value on the research that is already available," he said. "When you have the role wine plays and the occasion, you have a complete mapping of UK wine consumption."

WinePRO will help retailers better segment the wine category by reducing duplication.

"We believe there are a lot of products out there on shelf that are doing a similar job - why have five products for the same consumer and same occasion. It is better to tap into different occasions."he said. "Our vision is about building value for customers and this is another tool that will do that.We can have more quality in the conversation with them, as we are talking about the customers' needs."

"All other fmcg brands are all about customer insights - there is a lot more the wine industry can do."

The new insight will also inform Kingsland's npd and brand strategy, Anderson added.

He said there were a lot of assumptions made about what consumers want and the wine trade was not getting it right on wine labelling. It needs to highlight taste cues, he said.

"What consumers are telling us is that the wine trade still thinks the history, the winemaker and provenance are interesting and that people like hearing about it, but they don't. They want to be more engaged with the product - we don't explain the taste profile enough."

The company has made a "significant" investment in the new tool and will continue to invest to develop it further.

Kingsland was established more than 50 years ago, and focussed on UK filling, packaging and bulk wine shipping. In 2012 it purchased assets from Stratford, giving it the oppportunity to bolster its agency business, which was incorporated into the main business last year. It now offers its own brands, retailer exclusives, a portfolio of wines from entry level to super premium, and the ability to pack different formats.

Last year it invested in its marketing as well as enhancing its manufacturing and logistics facilities.

Neil Anderson, marketing director, Kingsland