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ProWein 2015: Camel Valley looking for strong online partners to drive international growth

Published:  16 March, 2015

Camel Valley hopes its first involvement at ProWein in Dusseldorf will help it build its profile and distribution across Europe, particularly with strong direct and online players.

Sam Lindo, Camel Valley winemaker, told that it was exciting to see the scale of ProWein and the potential opportunities it throws up for a winery like Camel Valley.

It is one of seven English wineries that have been brought over by English Wine Producers, along with the likes of Ridgeview and Chapel Down, to fly the flag and raise the profile and credibility of English wine in the international market.

Lindo believes the direct, online route is the one that best serves its needs as it allows people to better understand the wines they are buying and are more likely to trade up as a result.

"We would love to meet a strong online business here," he said.

Lindo also conceded it also did not have the price points to make it attractive to some of the larger distributors and that online was a more viable route.

Online had already proved a successful route to market for Camel Valley in the UK. He said they often see a growing number of customers online all from the same postcode or nearby as word of mouth helps build sales and its image in different parts of the country.

He said all the English wineries had different strategies to follow to build their international profile.

"But the beauty of a show like this is you do not know who is going to come around the corner next and on to the stand," he added.

He said it was important that Camel Valley supported the English wine delegation at ProWein as the speed of growth within English wine meant you had to be on the front foot to make sure you are seen as one of the leaders.

"It is also an opportunity to show the rest of the world what we can do," he added.

Lindo said the next few years would see English wine move to a whole new level as plantings of vines over the last 12 years start coming in to fruition. He said 12 years ago there was around 50 hectares of Champagne varietals planted in the UK, there are now over 1,000 such has been the pace of change.