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Global wine production in 2013 is expected to be up 10% on 2012 says OIV

Published:  04 November, 2013

The worldwide production of wine in 2013 is up by over 10% on the 2012 vintage, according to the latest figures from the OIV (Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin).

The report comes on the back of last week's findings from Morgan Stanley that claimed there was a potential global wine shortage due to increased consumption around the world. By contrast the OIV believes consumption is "stablising".

It is forecasting the global wine production for 2013 will be 281 million hectolitres of wine in 2013, which is up 23mhl on 2012. "In 2013, there has been a significant global harvest, also thanks to the development in the productivity of vineyards", said the director general of the OIV, Federico Castellucci.

This has been helped, he added, by wine production across the European Union of 164mhl. Spain is predominately responsible for the rise in EU wine production for 2013, where there was an 23% increase over 2012, with France and Portugal also seeing a 7% increase in production levels over 2012.

In its report the OIV states: "The 2012/2013 relative change is very marked, between +7.1% and +10.5%, and so, on average, it is up sharply by nearly 2mhl compared with vinified production in 2012. The last time there was an equivalent level of production (282.6 Mhl) was in 2006, when the global vineyard surface area was 7799 kha, which is 300 kha more than the expected area for 2013."

The report adds: "World wine production has increased significantly in 2013 and consumption is stabilising." The report goes on to say:"In the EU, after five modest consecutive harvests (from 2007 to 2011 inclusive) and an exceptionally low 2012 harvest, 2013 wine production may be qualified as relatively high, especially given the recent reduction in the surface area of its vineyards."