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Asda tops supermarket wine buys for the biggest bargain

Published:  04 October, 2013

Shoppers looking for supermarket wine bargains best head to Asda, as data collected over the past four weeks shows it is consistently beating the prices of its major competitors.

Asda's wines are the cheapest on offer across the board, with the Co-operative and Morrisons following in second and third places respectively in the £5-£6.99 and over £7 brackets.

But in the volume-driven under-£5 sector, Asda once again secures the cheapest spot at £3.92, its nearest rival Tesco is 47p more expensive at £4.39. Morrisons is third at £4.41, followed by Sainsbury's at £4.53, Waitrose at £4.55 and the Co-operative at £4.56. Ocado is still the priciest, though by a small margin, at £4.57.

The average figures, collected by price and promotion analyst BrandView, also include promotions which have taken place over the past month.

Harpers will be publishing up-to-date price data from the UK's major multiples both in the magazine and online at, through a new partnership with BrandView.

In the £5-£6.99 band, the average price for a 75cl bottle over the past month has been £6.18, with Asda customers coughing up £5.79 on average, while their Ocado equivalents have forked out £6.47. In the under-£5 category the average price is £4.29, with prices at Asda, the Co-operative, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury's and Tesco ranging between £3.92 and £4.57.

At over £7, there is a £4 differential between the lowest average price, £8.41 at Asda, and its highest-priced rival, Ocado, at £12.41.

The cheapest average bottle is a rosé from Asda at £3.67, while the most expensive average price is attained by Ocado for a red wine, at £13.68. The overall average is £8.77, although this figure does not take sales into account, which would mean low-selling high-value wines have a disproportionate effect.