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Call for trade to show support for wines from Lebanon

Published:  06 September, 2013

Harpers is calling on the trade this week to throw its support behind Lebanese winemakers that are faced with working under increasingly difficult conditions as the Syrian conflict escalates seemingly by the day.

The situation is made worse by the fact the majority of Lebanese winemakers are based in the Bekaa Valley which has seen a dramatic increase in tension in recent weeks.

Syria's only winery, Domaine Bargylus, continues to go to extraordinary lengths, including shipping its wines out of norrthern Syria to Egypt and then to Beirut, to get its wines out of what is effectively a war zone to elite restaurants across Europe. Fighting has been taking place only 500 metres away from the winery.

Madeleine Waters, head of Wines of Lebanon in the UK, said: "We would encourage the trade to show support to our producers who are today producing some really exciting wines, often under some very challenging conditions, and are investing in promoting them both in the UK and abroad."

You can show your support to the region by promoting your Lebanese wine offer to your customers and if you would like to take on more more Lebanese wine then go to

You can read more about the efforts that Domaine Bargylus is taking to get its wines out of Syria in our exclusive story from Michael Karam here