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Liv-ex: En Primeur 2015 sales less than 25% of 2009 levels

Published:  11 July, 2016

In a final report on En Primeur 2015 from fine wine trading platform Liv-ex, the company predicts that the prices seen in 2009 and 2010 are now a thing of the past.


Gavin Quinney: The en primeur results and wrap-up

Published:  03 May, 2016

After a marathon tasting, our resident Bordeaux correspondent Gavin Quinney assesses 2015 quality and where to look for value


Insights: What lies ahead following En Primeur?

Published:  03 May, 2016

It has been nearly five years since the Bordeaux fine wine market, which had been riding an incredible high, came to a screeching halt and it has been on a downward spiral ever since - until now.


Insights: Some chateaux urge Bordelais to be 'very prudent' with en primeur pricing

Published:  21 April, 2016

Bernard Magrez and his daughter Cecile Daquin, of Chateau Pape Clement, are urging other chateaux owners to be 'very prudent' this year when it comes to en primeur pricing.  "This could be the last chance for Bordeaux" to woo back buyers warns Daquin.


Analysis: A rise in white and red wines from Bordeaux demostrate its diversity

Published:  16 September, 2015

Looking beyond red and the hype of en primeur there seems to be a resurgence in white and rosé wines from Bordeaux.


En primeur - a mixed bag and a missed opportunity, experts say

Published:  03 June, 2015

This year's en primeur campaign has been a mixed bag that failed to capitalise on the chance to reset the market, according to fine wine investment experts.


Bordeaux 2014 en primeur: The verdict

Published:  12 May, 2015

There has been little incentive for consumers to buy Bordeaux en primeur in recent years. Can the chateaux turn that around? Our man on the ground, local winemaker Gavin Quinney, reviews the latest vintage:


En primeur: "encouraging signs" from first chateaux to release prices

Published:  27 April, 2015

One of Chateau Lafite's subsidiary châteaux became the first to release prices for en primeur 2014 - and the signs are "encouraging", according to fine wine specialists.


En primeur facing a 'phoney war' as chateaux hold back on prices

Published:  16 April, 2015

Prices for en primeur 2015 are widely anticipated to be released in the next two weeks - but châteaux owners seem to be wary of committing themselves, a leading fine wine investment expert has warned.


Q&A: Christian Seely of AXA Millésimes talks En Primeur

Published:  13 April, 2015

Since 2000, Christian Seely has successfully led AXA Millésimes alongside such wine estates as Château Suduiraut, Pichon-Longueville and La Tour Pibran. Now, all his attention is focused on the 2014 en primeur.


En primeur: great quality, but don't hold your breath on price

Published:  02 April, 2015

First impressions on this year's en primeur seem to be that the quality is there - but don't hold your breath about prices coming down.


En primeur risks "exodus" unless it rebalances, Vin-X boss warns

Published:  17 March, 2015

A fine wine investment expert has warned that the en primeur system risks seeing an exodus of châteaux from the system and negociants going to the wall, unless it gets its pricing "right".


Bordeaux's last chance to transform "out of touch" en primeur system says Tim Atkin

Published:  06 March, 2015

Leading UK wine critic and Harpers columnist, Tim Atkin MW, has fired a warning shot across the bows of Bordeaux and warned its producers and chateaux that they need to listen to the international critricism of its en primeur system and make serious changes or risk looking "ridiculous" in the eyes of the wine world.


Idea of buying Bordeaux en primeur now is 'null and void', says Farr Vintners

Published:  03 June, 2014

Wine investors who bought one case of each of Bordeaux's first growth chateaux for the five years from 2009 would have lost £35,000 if they sold last Friday, said the Wall Street Journal's Will Lyons.


Top 10 En Primeur wines by Bordeaux winemaker Gavin Quinney

Published:  07 May, 2014

The Influential Bordeaux winemaker, Gavin Quinney, owner of Château Bauduc in Bordeaux, has picked out his Top 10 picks from this year's en primeur campaign that he thinks show the best value and quality for the trade to invest in. It is part of his wider analysis of the overall en primeur campaign for which includes his comprehensive scores of all the main wines from the leading chateaux. 


En Primeur 2013 final verdict is "better than expected"

Published:  06 May, 2014

Gavin Quinney, owner and winemaker of Château Bauduc in Bordeaux, gives his definitive verdict on the 2013 en primeur campaign with his own detailed analysis of all the main Bordeaux chateaux wines, including his recommendations of what to buy now, what to age and what to avoid.


Bordeaux negociants discount badly-priced 2013 wines

Published:  28 April, 2014

Buyers are showing a continued lack of confidence in Bordeaux's 2013 en primeur campaign while badly priced wines are being discounted, said Bordeaux negociants Monday. 


'We cannot be the chateaux' bank forever', says Bordeaux negociant

Published:  16 April, 2014

"We cannot be the bank of the chateaux forever", leading Bordeaux negociant house Ginestet has said as the 2013 en primeur campaign struggles on. 


'No compelling reason to buy' Bordeaux 2013, say merchants

Published:  10 April, 2014

Merchants have so far sold very little, if any, Bordeaux 2013 wines, as collectors lack any compelling reason to buy.


Liv-ex survey finds 'significantly less demand' for Bordeaux 2013 wines

Published:  10 April, 2014

The annual Liv-ex en primeur survey found that 78% of merchants expect "significantly less demand" - down by at least a fifth - for 2013 wines compared to their 2012 counterparts.