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Taste test: Skouras Saint George (Aghiorghitiko), Nemea 2011

Published:  29 July, 2014

An elegant red from Greece which hints at better things to come


I can count on one hand the number of times I've arrived home from work and announced, "It's time to crack open a Greek red wine". One finger would probably be enough to do it to be honest. It's only happened once, and this was the wine that prompted it...

This feels like an exciting time to be a wine lover. No longer are you having to restrict your wine choices to the traditional wine nations. Suddenly wine is available from way out of left field and from countries you'd never have considered as serious wine options a few years ago.

Greece of course has its own point to prove wine wise, shackles to throw off as it were. I, like most people I expect, see the words "Greece" and "Wine" and instinctively think "Retsina". There then follows a few shuddering moments of recollection of all those various glasses of Retsina you'd tried in Greece which all proved that for some wines being served ice cold just isn't protection enough.

What Greece needs is to show a new side to itself. Definitely a tastier side than it may have shown us with Retsina. This wine is a good place to start and clearly Aghiorghitiko is one of the grapes that Greece should be focusing on. This wine is full of crunchy red fruit flavours and elegant tannins. It's not surprising to learn that George Skouras who estbalished Domaine Skouras in 1986 in Pyrgela, Argos was Dijon-trained. He certainly learnt the art of elegance whilst he was there.

I genuinely enjoyed this wine. I'd rank it as being a food wine rather than a sofa wine and if you've already got a bit of lamb moussaka in the fridge then all the better....

Available for £13.30 from Tanners.